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What does everyone think of the S&W Governor for OC? 6-shot SA/DA Revolver Fires .45 long colt, .45ACP, and 410 shotgun shells I can't think of a better option than a couple of shotgun shells followed up by some .45ACP. I know it is just the competitor of the Taurus Judge and I don't really... 9mm vs 38 Special How To Sight Your Gun Rifle Shooting Tips Gun Range Etiquette How Shooting Affects Hearing The Mag Spring Experiment List of all Handgun Calibers Guns and Civilization Abbreviations. Product Reviews Donate. B101 Wallpapers Free Stickers Firearms Energy Calculator Ammunition Accessories TV Shows. ABOUT US Who are we? What We ...

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S&W K, L, N and X frames Including Custom Shop GOVERNOR the 686+ is an L frame M69 (Every K L N or X frame) Cattleman, Sourdough, , All American, Flap Jack, Texas, Eldorado: Taurus 85, 605, 650, 651, 94,941 etc NO Plastic 38s: Silver Dollar, , Pocket Pro, Eldorado: Taurus Judge 2″ Public Defender Plastic Public Defender: Cattleman, Sourdough ... Current Manufacturer/Gun Types. This list consists of our current selection of guns available to have our holsters made to fit. Due to our backlog we have limited to gun model selection to the most popular models that make up more than 90% of our sales.

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A pick for the "best" new product at the Shot Show is a highly subjective thing. The item that most impressed me was at the Taurus booth. It is the likely replacement for the Taurus 738 TCP, the Taurus Spectrum. It seems that Taurus has not been able to keep up with demand for the 738. The 738 has an excellent reputation for reliability. Battle of the .410/45 Revolvers. The Taurus Judge vs S&W Governor! Please Support Sootch00 on Patreon! the NRA Today! C... Though it shares the same basic concept as the Taurus shotshell revolver, the Governor is not (quite) a Judge by another name. For one thing, the Judge gives you five shots. The Governor is a true six-shooter, yielding an impressive-sounding 20-percent firepower advantage over the Brazilian Jurist.

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When the Taurus Judge hit the market, there was nothing like it. It was the ultimate revolver to pass judgement on any criminal. For a while, it seemed that no other manufacturer would be able to touch the Judge. That is until the introduction of the Smith & Wesson Governor.